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Announcing new feature: Movement Heatmaps

by lasseschou in Features on April 27, 2010

We’re now announcing yet another new feature at, Movement heatmaps, that lets you see heatmaps of your users’ mouse movements. So now you have three different heatmap analyses that can help you understand how users are using your web pages: Click heatmaps, Movement heatmaps and Viewport maps.

A cheap eye tracking alternative

Movement heatmaps give you a visual understanding of the summarized mouse movements on your pages and can help you find areas that gets too little (or too much) attention. Research studies show that there is a strong correlation (84%)* between the web page regions scanned by your eyes and the regions visited by the mouse cursor. This makes Mouseflow a very efficient and cheap alternative to eye tracking.

Day-to-day analysis

Both the new Movement heatmaps and the other two heatmap analyses can now be viewed on a day-to-day basis using a custom date range. So you don’t have to wait seven days before seeing the effect of a change to your website.

Check out the movement maps right away!

Movement heatmaps are immediately available on your account. You can access them in the Page Analysis overview and details pages.

Movement heatmaps are available for all subscriptions.


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