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Mouseflow now accepts credit card payments

by lasseschou in Features on August 25, 2010

After a while with only one payment option (PayPal) we can finally announce that we accept normal credit card payments. That’s good news for our members that for many reasons either cannot or will not get a PayPal account.

The credit card payments are handled securely by WorldPay and you have full control over the monthly payments from the WorldPay control panel that you get access to when completing the first payment.

If you have a free account you should consider these reasons for trying a paid plan:

  • Get from 1,000 to 100,000 monthly recorded sessions
  • Use our advanced filters and watch all the relevant recordings that can help you improve your website.
  • Follow your visitors through your payment funnel
  • Record and watch important session-dependent pages such as checkout pages, pages behind login and personalized pages.
  • Watch who’s browsing your page right now
  • See a live stream of your current visitors. Great for big screen applications.
  • Affordable: Prices from only 10 EUR/month (~ 13 USD/month)