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Improved tracking code – now with CDN and no proxy scripts

by lasseschou in Features on May 20, 2012

At Mouseflow we’re constantly trying to improve the way our service works. Our goal is to minimize the footprint of the tracking code placed on our users’ websites and be as unobtrusive as possible. Today we’re launching two important changes to the tracking code that speed up loading time and further minimize impact on the websites.

Scripts hosted on a content delivery network (CDN)

Our recording scripts used to be hosted in our own datacenters which have done a good job serving the scripts so far. But to be able to serve the scripts faster and more reliably, we are now using a CDN from NetDNA to host the scripts from 13 edge locations around the world, and with an uptime of 99.999%.

A little action required by you: You have to update your tracking code if you want to benefit from the CDN. Simply sign into your account and click Edit in the website list and replace your current tracking code with the one found in the installation section. Don’t worry, the current tracking code will still work, so it’s not absolutely necessary to change it now. But to benefit from faster and more reliable loading, it’s recommended to make the change now.

Proxy scripts no longer needed

Another major improvement of the recording script is that, if you are using session support, you no longer need to have a local proxy script installed. This is an important change because this effectively eliminates the extra network traffic to and from your web server that the script introduced.

The new script is already in place and working – but if you should have any issues, please contact us here.