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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Recordings

by Mouseflow in Tips & Tricks on November 28, 2012

At Mouseflow, recording visitor behavior is at the heart of what we do. We’re constantly working to improve our recording algorithim and deliver the most useful information possible.

It’s important to extract information and learn from each and every recording. We’ve got a few tricks that can help you drastically streamline the process.

Here’s our favorite:

  1. Filter Recordings by Date
    Before viewing recordings, it’s important to select a relevant date range. Launching new products, starting promotions, and making changes to your website can all impact conversions.Choose a point in time that reveals useful information without unnecessary noise or irrelevant variables.
  2. Filter Recordings by Number of Page Views
    Finding visitor sessions packed with information is as simple as creating filtered lists of recordings. You can segment this list to find sessions with a large number of page views.These sessions indicate behavior from extremely engaged/interested users. Analyze these recordings in the context of how people interact with multiple pages in your sales funnel (e.g. Home > Pricing > Signup).
  3. Filter Recordings by Visit Length
    Similar to the filtered list above, changing the criteria to show recordings within a particular visit length/duration can yield impactful results.Analyzing this behavior can help you determine the cause of extended visit lengths — was it time spent reading/interacting (good design) or time spent scrolling aimlessly/navigating quickly (problematic design)?
  4. Filter Recordings by Browser/Operating System
    It’s important to make sure your website looks and functions consistently across browsers and operating systems.By filtering your recordings based on platform criteria, you can perform inexpensive cross-browser testing and usability studies.
  5. Filter Recordings by Entry Page
     Visitors behave differently, depending on their first encounter with your site. It’s useful to filter recordings based on Entry Page to quantify visitors’ impression and subsequent behavior after viewing key Entry Pages (e.g. a landing page). Look for trends in behavior, especially a change in interest depending on which page initializes a visitor session.

This list highlights just a few of the many ways to get maximum results out of your recordings.

Do you have any specific tips, tricks, or methods you’d like to share? If so, leave a comment below.

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