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Congratulations to RockSolid Themes — Our Website of the Week

by Mouseflow in WOTW on January 21, 2013

Mouseflow congratulates RockSolid Themes for winning this week’s Website of the Week (WOTW) contest!

Each week, we select a lucky Mouseflow user to be publically featured across our blog and marketing materials.

We interviewed the folks at RockSolid Themes. Here’s what they said about Mouseflow:

  1. Do you use other analytics/user testing tools?
    We use Mouseflow along with Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides us with the ‘bigger picture’, Mouseflow helps us to see and understand the people behind the numbers.
  2. How did you hear about Mouseflow?
    We were specifically searching for a mouse tracking tool, to gain a deeper insight into the way users experience our website.
  3. What prompted to you to signup for Mouseflow?
    Mouseflow provided all the features we needed. We didn’t hesitate to give it a try.
  4. How does Mouseflow help you better understand visitor behavior, improve conversion rates, and maximize sales?
    Mouseflow comes into play where other analytics tools quit. An example: A long ‘time on page’ is basically a good thing, it means users seam to enjoy your content. But it could also mean, they simply can’t find, what they are looking for. It’s hard enough to read users minds by watching them use your site, but it’s impossible if you’re just looking at graphs and numbers. Mouseflow is a inexpensive and invaluable tool to make informed design decisions.
  5. Have you learned/discovered anything new after using Mouseflow (e.g. user patterns, scroll behavior)?
    We discover a lot of tiny details. But even more important are the things we’ve already heard and know, that Mouseflow data can call to memory. For example: We all know that users actually do scroll and that the ‘fold’ is partly a myth. Even though we had a strong ‘fold effect’ with our first design. The realtime user studies provided by Mouseflow helped us to redesign the page top to encourage users to scroll further down the page. So our discovery was, that the fold (on landing pages) is only a myth, if you know how to bust it.

RockSolid Themes builds stunning HTML5/CSS3 themes and templates for Contao, WordPress, and more. Be sure to check them out and take a look at their work.

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