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Userfly Is Down

by Mouseflow in Announcements on January 9, 2013

Since mid-2012, one of Mouseflow’s competitors, Userfly, has been down and now appears to have discontinued service to users. We’re sorry to see them go, but think you’ll enjoy several benefits when switching to Mouseflow.

In a comparison of Mouseflow vs. Userfly, we identified several differences based on features and cost. Although Userfly is down, here’s some reasons why Mouseflow is a great Userfly alternative:

  • Mouseflow measures a “recording” as a browser session (even if it’s multiple pages); Userfly measures a “recording” as a single pageview. This means Mouseflow delivers more recordings over the same period and has significantly less overall cost.
  • Mouseflow offers instant click, movement, and scroll heatmaps to provide a visual representation of your underlying data. Userfly does not offer such a feature.
  • Mouseflow offers built-in analytics tools to put your recordings and heatmaps into context. Userfly does not offer such a feature.
  • Mouseflow has support for common AJAX implementations out-of-the-box. Userfly’s AJAX support often requires custom tweaks/modifications. Both platforms offer support to end-users to troubleshoot local/isolated issues.
  • Mouseflow offers a complete API for third-party implementations of its software. This makes it easy to extend Mouseflow to meet domain-specific needs. Userfly does not have such a feature.
  • Mouseflow offers support for Multiple Users on several of its paid accounts. This is great when collaborating with teams or cross-functional groups. Userfly accounts are limited to a single user.

Given these and a few other differences, we think you’ll like Mouseflow.

Try Mouseflow today — it’s free! Signup for an account at and use the promotion code “USERFLY” (without quotes) to get 500 free recordings. Offer expires 12/31/16.

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