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Congratulations to — Our Website of the Week

by Mouseflow in WOTW on April 18, 2013

Mouseflow congratulates for winning this week’s Website of the Week (WOTW) contest!

Each week, we select a lucky Mouseflow user to be publically featured across our blog and marketing materials.

We interviewed the owner of — here’s what he said about Mouseflow:

  1. Do you use other analytics/user testing tools?
    Yes, I use Google Analytics but rarely really digg in. I like the real-time analytics to watch people currently visiting my site, especially by the keywords they used to find it.
  2. How did you hear about Mouseflow?
    Mouseflow contacted me as I wrote an article on Userfly before. I linked to Mouseflow from that article but didn’t look into it before I was asked to.
  3. What prompted to you to signup for Mouseflow?
    Steven from Mouseflow’s Dutch Office contacted me! Of course, I was also interested in the topic of analytics tools. I like to keep the articles on my site current so they maintain value.
  4. How does Mouseflow help you better understand visitor behavior, improve conversion rates, and maximize sales?
    As the in-depth articles on my blog are quite extensive, I expected to see long reading times. It’s nice to see people actually scrolling though my content. Sometimes they clicked on a picure which wasn’t a link yet so I fixed that right away.
  5. Have you learned/discovered anything new after using Mouseflow (e.g. user patterns, scroll behavior)?
    As I was browsing some random sessions, I noticed a visitor from Belgium trying to calculate the distance between two zip codes — a feature on my site. Since the intended use of the zip code tool is limited to the Netherlands, I adjusted the page to direct people to other tools that might work. I wouldn’t have seen or known this was going on without Mouseflow. publishes in-depth articles about topics like working smarter, time management, Getting Things Done (GTD), ICT, and social media.

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