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Congratulations to DMware — Our Website of the Week

by Mouseflow in WOTW on May 30, 2013

Mouseflow congratulates DMware for winning this week’s Website of the Week (WOTW) contest!

Each week, we select a lucky Mouseflow user to be publically featured across our blog and marketing materials.

We interviewed the owner of DMware — here’s what he said about Mouseflow:

  1. Do you use other analytics/user testing tools?
    Yes, I use Google Analytics.
  2. How did you hear about Mouseflow?
    I researched “visitor recording” tools and found Mouseflow. Once I saw the video and tried it for myself, I signed up right away as I knew I found what I was looking for.
  3. What prompted to you to signup for Mouseflow? inspires trust and the website communicates exactly what I need.
  4. How does Mouseflow help you better understand visitor behavior, improve conversion rates, and maximize sales?
    Mouseflow completely revolutioned my viewpoint about customer behaviour. Sometimes you are too close to make objective decisions and, if you ask someone, you never get a complete picture.
    With Mouseflow, I discovered the truth about my website and realized how many customers leave without converting. Now, I know what to do and don’t have to wait around/piece together what happens on my pages.
  5. Have you learned/discovered anything new after using Mouseflow (e.g. user patterns, scroll behavior)?
    Yes, I discovered that the way my website is structured now is not suitable for my goals. I already implemented some changes and am building a strategy to boost conversions going forward.

DMware is a team of marketing, programming, and web design experts. They offer a variety of tools and services to help organizations achieve their goals.

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