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How-To – Session Replay Filtering

The power of Mouseflow is in the ability to see exactly how certain visitors behave on your site – through user session recordings.

Each recording is a video of the entire path of that particular visitor through your site. This could be one page and ten seconds long or ten pages and one hour long – it still counts as just one recording.

You want to see recordings with certain characteristics (like mobile visitors that came to your site via Facebook or first-time visitors that are using Chrome).

Here are filtering examples that show how you can narrow your session recordings list to find appropriate visitor sessions:

Date range: You can choose to view session recordings within any date range that you like. This could correspond to a website redesign or a specific time frame for a marketing campaign.

Entry page: This allows you to select any page on your site and see all recordings of visitors that enter the site on the page. You can use this feature to test out the efficiency of landing pages.

Country: Selecting a specific country can be useful if you want to concentrate on campaigns for specific countries or website interfaces that differ by country.

Device Type/Screen Resolution: Segmentation between desktops/tablets/phones of all different sizes is easy with these filters and can be very insightful for cross-browser testing and usability issues.

Browser/Operating System: You can segment by browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox…) or operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). This can be useful to investigate how your website operates and how visitors behave in these different environments.

Link Source: You can isolate visitors from different sources like direct traffic/bookmarks, email/social media campaigns, search engines, or other websites. This can be very helpful to uncover the effectiveness of pages for visitors from different sources.

Visitor Type: This allows you to segment between first-time and returning visitors to your site. These two user subsets may have unique goals, and as a result, behave differently on your website.

These filters are a basic way to segment user session recordings in Mouseflow.

The real power comes from our custom variable tagging – tune in next week to learn how to create your own filters!