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Mouseflow Recovers $20,000 Lost Sale

“Mouseflow allowed us to identify an important visitor drop-off on our quote page that directly lead to an order over $20,000 that would have otherwise been lost.” – David Rosenberg (

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Form Analysis

David was interested in how well his form funnel was performing and focused his analysis on a specific page where visitors can request a free quote. Using Mouseflow, he filtered to find visitors that left this page, but interacted with the form just prior to leaving.

These filters yielded a small list of recordings and David was able to go through each one to see what information they were putting in the form and, perhaps, why they did not submit/convert.

Lead Generation

The form in question required information like the number and kind of safes needed, along with contact information. As David went through these recordings, he could tell how big these leads were and had the direct contact information to follow-up with potential orders.

A particular recording showed a visitor abandon the checkout page with over $20,000 in the cart. Although it did not reveal why the visitor left, David’s team was able to follow up and close a deal with the lead that would have otherwise never happened.

Can I use this technique on my website?

Of course you can. This case is classic example of how session replay can help to provide visibility and improve your bottom line. Mouseflow is most commonly used to observe visitor behavior and make changes, but the opportunities are endless. Do you have an account yet? If not, sign up for FREE at

Please share you own stories bwlo on how Mouseflow helped you recover a sale or a client. We’d love to hear from you!