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Mouseflow Unveils Its Brand New User Interface, Packed With Features


The New Mouseflow is better than ever – and, it’s available on September 10, 2015.

“We are pleased to announce our new user interface – The New Mouseflow! It’s available on September 10, 2015 and is a complete overhaul which includes new features like better filters, funnels, improved playback, interactive heatmaps, filtering for heatmaps, and so much more.”, says Lasse Schou, CEO & Founder of Mouseflow.

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Accomodating Clients with Style

In the coming months, the company is adding more functionality like form analytics, funnel tracking, user identification, and enhanced segmentation for heatmaps. This makes Mouseflow one of the most powerful and approachable tools on the market. And, clients love it:

“Mouseflow gives ah-ha moments that traditional analytics tools can’t!” — Hamilton Wallace, Small Business Marketing Consultant

“I am blown away – so useful and cost-effective for compared to other tools – awesome find!” — Ruth Cheesley, Virya Technologies

“Mouseflow is an integral part of all of my projects. You learn more about users in a week than months of typical U/X testing. Do yourself a favor and start using Mouseflow!” — Nicholas Kreidberg, MTS Systems

“Mouseflow is literally saving my company! The product is awesome!” — Davide Masserini, DMware

Today, Mouseflow has over 45,000 clients including Philips, Samsung, Virgin, Intuit, Sears, Pepsi, AT&T, Autodesk, Microsoft, Vodafone, Accenture, Deloitte, Telefonica, Bosch, Trend Micro, Opel, and more. Mouseflow has offices in United States, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. To learn more, visit, call +1 (855) 668­7335, or email hi(at)mouseflow(dot)com.

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