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New Feature – Geo Heatmap

At Mouseflow, our team has been busy. Last week, we launched The New Mouseflow – our completely redesigned platform.

Now, we are pleased to announce the newest addition to our heatmap suite: the Geo Heatmap.

Geo Heatmaps

This new heatmap view lets you see where visitors are located on a world map. It’s illustrated with colors by area and concentration and provides a summary count of visitor location metrics for each major country.

Like our other heatmaps, the Geo Heatmap allows you to spot trends and patterns that would otherwise not be possible. This is because all of our filter options are available for this heatmap. You can create/save views for a particular subset of visitors and understand how those visitors behave by region. For example, do you know whether you get more cart abandonment in the United States or Canada? This heatmap will show you – and so much more!

Ready to give it a try?

It’s available in The New Mouseflow under Heatmaps.