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New Feature – Funnel Analytics

We’re very excited to announce a New Feature – Funnel Analytics

Want to know more about how visitors navigate? Do you have a checkout flow that you want to study? If so, you’ll love our new Funnel Analytics feature. Here’s a sneak peak:

Funnel Analytics

This allows you to construct live funnels and measure how people behave at various steps throughout your site.

The data is updated on-the-fly so there is no need to wait before a report is ready. You can just login, add steps, and start analyzing – even back in time. You can see dropped or converted visitors at various points in time, too.

And the best part is that you can click “Watch dropped” at any step in the funnel and get a list of the users that dropped out of that particular steps. You can also watch the converted users, of course.

Segmenting and filtering

For more advanced use, you can segment and filter the dataset that is used for the funnel. You can select first-time visitors only, or visitors from a certain country. When applying the filters, the funnel is instantly updated.

It’s never been easier to improve your site with Mouseflow. Sign in to your account, and click Funnels from the left menu to get started.

Try it today

We think you should give Funnel Analytics a try today, so we chose to enable this feature across all plans, even the free plan. So take it for a spin and let us know what you think. Sign up for a free plan, or log in to your existing account.