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Feature Update – Auto-Masking, Auto-Tagging, Dynamic Menus, Reports & More!

Our team has been hard at work. Mouseflow is better than ever!

Did you ever wonder if you could watch sessions that came from your mailout campaign? How about auto-masking payment details automatically so you’re absolutely sure you don’t track sensitive data? Or how about tagging sessions while watching them?

You’re in luck because we just launched all those features, and a few more. Here’s a sneak peak of our new features.

Auto-Masking of Payment Details

We automatically exclude payment (credit card) details from playback. You can still exclude specific form fields, as well.

This makes installation faster and reflects our commitment to security.

Auto-Tagging of Google Analytics “UTM” Variables

You can now sort/filter for sessions based on utm_source, utm_medium, utm_term, utm_content, utm_campaign, or gclid (Google AdWords) information passed into the querystring. We listen for this data and associate it with the session automatically.

This allows you to find sessions corresponding to marketing initiatives in seconds.

Dynamic Menus for Heatmaps

You now receive data for dropdown menus (just hover over the element). In addition, a legend helps quantify data throughout the heatmaps.

This allows you to analyze your site for patterns unlike any other tool.

Wildcard Support for Funnels

You can now filter for sessions or build funnels that contain or don’t contain pageviews using wildcard matching. For example, “/blog/*” would find all sessions where the user viewed a page with “blog” in the URL.

This makes it easier to analyze activity on similar pages for playback and funnels.

Bulk Actions

You can star, unstar, and mark a group of recordings as watched or unwatched.

This lets you process sessions and perform analysis faster.

Playback Actions

You can add tags, edit variables, and delete recordings right from the playback window.

This lets you associate critical details with sessions or delete them on-the-fly.

Better Exporting

You can now download/export data from funnels. This is great for clients or presentations.

Improved Dashboard

From the dashboard, you can now see the number of unique visitors, pageviews, pages per recording, and average session duration. From the recording list, you can also see a chart of recordings per day.

This makes it easier to get a quick summary of website activity.

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