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New Promo Site, Plans and Tons of Features

It’s a special day at Mouseflow! We’re launching a brand new promo siteimproved plans, and tons of new features. It’s a great time to use Mouseflow, too.

If I look back, it’s mind-boggling to see how much has changed. A year ago, we had a sub-optimal interface which lacked many of the core features we have today. In August, we launched a new look-and-feel and, over the next few months, added FunnelsForm Analytics and Live Segmenting/Filtering.

We’ve received tons of great feedback from our customers. Our customer count grew from 40,000 to more than 60,000, too. Best of all, we’re not done yet. Read on.

Our Commitment

We want to be the tool of choice for serious marketersproduct teams, and those who want to increase conversions on their website. We’ll do whatever it takes to obtain that goal. Today, we’re launching a new website where we’ll deliver regular insights on usability, conversion optimization, and web analytics.

New Features

We’re excited to announce these awesome new features – available today:

  • User Identification: Add names or emails to your website users through our JS API (or manually in the web UI). This lets you follow the journey of individual users across all their sessions.
  • Weekly Email Reports: Get a digest of the previous week’s metrics and charts right in your inbox. This helps you uncover key changes in behavior to make improvements sooner.
  • Error Tracking: Is your website throwing JS errors when users click certain elements? You get full visibility and can see exactly where the error happened. We’re a debugging tool, too!
  • Click-Rage Detection: This one’s cool! You can now find frustrated users that click elements in a specific pattern. Simply search for the tag click-rage under Recordings.
  • CSS Caching: Some website platforms modify references to static assets (CSS, etc.) on each deployment (yes, I’m looking at you, Magento). This could cause recordings to play without styling because the original file(s) no longer exist. Now, we cache all such files in our platform so this is history.
  • Improved Playback: A few months ago, we introduced a new playback method that supports highly dynamic websites, including single-page apps using modern web frameworks. We refined it even further and are proud to see such pinpoint accuracy in our recordings.

We’ll be writing more about these features over the coming days, so stay tuned.

New Plans

We changed our plans. The free-forever plan still exists, but has all features enabled now. This includes HTTPS playback and playback behind login – both weren’t available previously. The Small plan is being replaced by the Starter plan with 2.5x as many sessions. The Growth plan is replacing the Medium plan, and the XL plan is now simply Pro. We’re also aligning the USD and EUR prices.

Don’t worry: existing users will be grandfathered on their plan for 6 months. If you’re on the Large plan, you are free to stay there forever or try the new Pro plan (which we recommend).

Updated Terms & Privacy Policy

We updated our Terms and Privacy Policy.

More to Come

We’re growing faster than ever and adding team members so we can continue enhancing our product and providing awesome support. As always, we’d love to hear from you if you have ideas for new features or enhancements – just use the comment section below.