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9 Techniques for Writing Headlines that Convert – Part 3 of 9

This is part 3 of 9 in our series: 9 Proven Techniques for Writing Headlines that Convert.

This is a technique popularized by Dan Kennedy. The rationale behind it is that people buy things for a few reasons but are always persuaded by “hidden benefits”.

In most headlines, articulating a hidden benefit can lead to a higher conversion rate because everyone else in the market states the obvious – you will be unique.

This allows you to form a bond with the prospect because the two of you now share an insider secret.

The Hidden Benefit Technique

As an example, we could care less about recruiting; all we really want to do is: play (wink, wink)… golf!

Golf Report

[Image courtesy of Dan Kennedy]

In this image, Dan Kennedy found out a hidden benefit by simply hanging out at recruiter events. He noticed that they always seemed to talk about playing golf. So, why not capitalize on the trend and adapt his marketing to fit? It was an instant winner.

For one of our fitness offers, we discovered the following hidden benefit: a significant percentage of men over the age of 45 want to get fit to set a good example for their children. We initially assumed their primary reasons were health and sexual attractiveness. We were dead wrong!

Putting it Together

It’s important to think about your own market: is there a hidden benefit? Test a landing page that clearly articulates it. As with all things CRO, always be testing! Soon enough, you’ll identify 3-5 hidden benefits that resonate with prospects.

We like benefits that appeal to a wide audience. Yes, it’s important that readers “get it” right away, but you must also maintain the cleverness that comes with being a hidden benefit and avoid sounding too gimmicky.

So, why not give it a try? And, be sure to post examples of your favorite headlines in the comments below.

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And, stay tuned for the next posts in this series on crafting powerful headlines. You won’t want to miss it.