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See Your Most Frustrated Users

Wouldn’t it be great to measure the sentiment of your online users? Especially: the frustrated ones that spend a lot of time on your website only to wind up in a dead end (or a dead link).

At Mouseflow, we spent the last 6 years helping website owners analyze their users’ online behavior. And, we discovered a behavioral pattern that can be used to find really frustrated users. Have you ever felt like this when using a website?

Click Rage

If you want to avoid having users like that on your website, read on.

Introducing click rage

We have implemented the recognition of the click rage pattern in all Mouseflow accounts. This means that these recordings will be tagged “click-rage” whenever Mouseflow detects extreme frustration resulting in rapid-fire clicks. You can see the tag in the recording list, and if you expand the Pages dropdown, you can find the exact pageview(s) that caused so much frustration.

Click Rage

You can see the tag directly in the session overview and if you want to find out which pageview(s) had the error, click the pages button, and use our “waterfall view” to see where the problem occurs.

During playback, it’s easy to locate the exact place the click rage was detected. Look for bright yellow coloration in the timeline.

An example from our own site

We recently performed our own UX study and we found a bug that was well hidden. The only reason we discovered it was by noticing click rage. See below (around 0:38s):

The problem was that the downgrade button didn’t work. It didn’t throw any errors – it was downright dead. You can see the user getting more and more frustrated.

How to find these sessions

In Mouseflow, you can search for all sessions containing the “click-rage” tag. Just click the filter icon, open the dropdown under “Tags” to select “click-rage”, and then click “Apply”. This will display the list of all sessions containing rapid fire clicks (frustration) – ready for you to analyze.

Calm those users down.

This new feature is available on your account today. So, why don’t you go calm down those users and turn them into happy customers?

The click rage feature is available on all plans. Log in to your account or sign up for a free plan to try it out.

We’d love to hear about your findings in the comments below.

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