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Introducing Support for Dynamic SVG Playback!

Do you have dynamic SVG charts, images, or animations on your website and wish you could watch them in real-time from your Mouseflow playback? Well, now you can! We just launched a new feature that records interaction with dynamic SVGs, providing flawless playback!

Since modern browsers now support scalable vector graphics, and many of our clients use them, we decided that it was time to develop this new feature. Now, you can watch your visitors interact with SVG elements on your website. Here’s why we think it’s cool…

The Benefits and History of SVG Files

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) have been a long-standing staple of the print and graphic industry, but are now becoming popular in modern websites. By using vector graphics, you get images that are crisp,clear, and scale properly. This ensures that the resolution is always high quality, giving everyone peace of mind.

SVGs are amazing for many reasons: they are XML based, their file size is compressed, and they take up less bandwidth overall. This means a faster load time for users, better search engine ranking, and an overall good experience for all.

One of the coolest things for graphic designers? You can save an SVG image from a browser and open it in a vector image editor, like Adobe Illustrator!

May I also point out that SVG images are perfect for High Definition Websites or websites viewed on a retina display? For those who like to keep up to date with web design trends, make sure you account for users with ultra-wide displays and higher screen resolutions. After all, they pay so much for a top-notch computer, why not deliver a top-notch user experience to go with it?

So, if you have dynamic charts or other SVG assets, prepare to have your mind blown when you watch your recordings. This is one of the coolest features out there and keeps you in-line with the latest design trends. Let us know what you think!

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