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Use Mouseflow Like A Pro with NEW Keyboard Shortcuts!

Here at Mouseflow, we realize it is important to be as productive as possible. When you save time, you save money. In order to provide the best experience possible, we launched a new time-saving feature: keyboard shortcuts!

This new feature enables you to easily control the playback of recordings. You can start, stop, skip, add details, favorite and more – all with the touch of a button. This makes for smoother, faster, and more productive analysis, meaning you can make changes that much sooner.


A Playback Feature that Increases Productivity

Have you ever started watching recordings and wanted to get through the videos faster? We agree that extracting important information as quickly and easily as possible is crucial. So, we’re adding the following keyboard shortcuts with you in mind:

  • Space: Play and Pause the Video
  • Left Arrow: Skip 10 Seconds Backward in Video
  • Right Arrow: Skip 10 Seconds Forward in Video
  • Home: Skip to the Start of the Page View
  • End: Skip to the End of the Page View
  • Page Up: Previous Video
  • Page Down: Next Video
  • + Key: Speed Up Playback
  • – Key: Slow Down Playback
  • D: Toggle Details
  • * Key: Star/Mark as Favorite
  • T Key: Add Tag
  • V Key: Edit Variables
A Feature that Multitaskers Love

It is more important, now than ever, to be able to accomplish as much as possible in a small amount of time. By utilizing keyboard shortcuts, you can be more efficient and speed through getting the data you need at a lightning fast pace!

When analyzing our own website, we found that using keyboard shortcuts allowed us to process 47% more sessions in the same amount of time. What’s more? Since it’s faster, it takes less caffeine – and our doctors love that. Who wouldn’t?

A Universal Experience for All

A good user experience means keeping every user in mind. Each customer is extremely important and we do what we can to make using our software as friendly as possible. This includes not only those who want to power through their analysis, but also those with disabilities.

Whether you’re holding a baby while working from home or have another limitation, we developed keyboard shortcuts with you in mind. We are always excited to gather feedback from our users. It may seem like a small feature but, give it a try and we’re sure you’ll feel the difference immediately. Let us know what you think!