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Black Friday Deal: 1000 FREE Credits for New Accounts

Happy Black Friday!

Before you head out to grab those holiday deals, be sure to keep tabs on what’s happening on your website.

Our developers tell us this is one of the busiest times of year for clients — and for good reason! People love to shop online.

Here’s the deal…

Now is your chance to track visitor behavior and learn what works/what doesn’t work on your site. Plus, if you’re quick, you can even make changes live and see how they affect visitors on your site in realtime.

With Mouseflow, we do the heavy lifting and monitor what’s happening as people click, scroll, move their mouse, and browse your site. If someone adds a product to the cart but abandons your site, you’ll know about it. If there’s a bug causing visitors to be unable to submit an order, we’ll tell you that, too!

So, we decided to launch a deal of our own: If you’re a new customer, sign up using this link and you’ll receive 1000 FREE credits. Enjoy!

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