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A Simple Guide for Businesses to Maximize Conversion Rates at Checkout

For all businesses small and large, ensuring a smooth online checkout is vital to maximizing sales opportunities. If a visitor spends 40 minutes shopping around on your site adding items to their cart and encounters an error or bug during checkout, it can be incredibly difficult to recover the trust of the consumer.

If a field in your form submission causes users to stumble, it would be wise to consider some modifications to ensure a higher conversion rate. This is where Mouseflow becomes an incredibly helpful tool in identifying issues on your site, optimizing sales, and increasing conversions in checkout. In this article, we’re going to discuss how exactly Mouseflow can assist in maximizing conversions for businesses at the checkout screen.

Once you’ve signed into your Mouseflow account, from the main UI, click on Forms on the left side of the screen. Click “Add New Form”.

Once you’re on the the next screen, enter a name for the form (like “Sign Up”) and then select which “Page” the form is located on (e.g. /sign-up).

Here’s an example where the correct values are added and Mouseflow auto-detects the presence of the form on the page and all fields within the form:

Click “Create Form” to generate your form report.

Let’s break this down. Looking at the example report above, 5,400 individuals visited the Signup page. 60.9% of users (3,300) didn’t even interact with the form.  Right off the bat, only 2,100 users interacted with the form. That’s a problem. Only 57.2% (or 1,200) of those 2,100 individuals who interacted with the form actually submitted it. At each stage of the report, you can see how the conversion rate drops. Just from the signup domain field to the email entry field, 224 individuals dropped out. If there’s one field that causes a significant dropout rate in your form, it might be worth investigating.

Additionally, the data generated from this form can be heavily sliced and diced. Toggle the filter button (on the top right) to filter for operating system, browser, location, traffic source, visitor type, and more.

Ensuring a smooth & successful checkout experience is an overlooked key in driving sales. With Mouseflow’s help, you’ll increase conversions and ultimately increase your profits.