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Announcing a New Mouseflow Chrome Extension: Downloadable Heatmaps

At Mouseflow, we’re all about innovation. If there’s a highly requested feature, we work tirelessly to make it happen. Recently, many of our clients requested an option to download heatmaps into an offline image. Due to the intricacies of rendering heatmaps in a browser, this made it difficult to allow for offline downloads. How did we solve this issue?

We built a Google Chrome extension exclusive to Mouseflow.

Most users view heatmaps as a picture but, at Mouseflow, we’re taking it a step further. Our heatmaps dynamically render data that is stored in your browser. The data utilized in generating these heatmaps is selected based on your segment/filters (date range, device, browser/OS, etc). The data is then provided as an overlay in our heatmap window.

With the launch of the new Chrome extension, users can now download any heatmap they want from within the Mouseflow UI. Need to show your boss a printout of user activity on your site? This is the tool for you.

Downloading this extension is easy! See below on how to add this extension to your Google Chrome browser.

If the animated gif doesn’t work for you, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your Mouseflow account at
  2. Open the heatmaps feature on the left
  3. Click the preferred page you want to download a heatmap from
  4. Once the heatmap is loaded, click the book button on the top right
  5. Select “Download Heatmap”
  6. Install the Mouseflow extension from the Chrome Store by clicking “here”
  7. Click “Add Extension”
  8. Refresh the page
  9. Click the book button again on the top right and select “Download Heatmap”
  10. Mouseflow will produce a .png file of your heatmap and place it in the downloads folder