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Case Study: How Mouseflow Saved the Launch of Sticker Gigant

Case Study: How Mouseflow Saved the Launch of Sticker Gigant

“In just a few hours after we went live, we were able to recognize the first weaknesses in our new user interface, which we could never have identified without Mouseflow in such a short time.”


  • 78% increase in the shopping cart value
  • 26% increase in orders via iOS
  • 18% more cross selling at first order

About the Company

Sticker Gigant is an emerging social media beauty brand from Rostock, Germany. The company creates, produces, and distributes exclusive nail wraps — as well as matching care articles for fashion-inspired women. Sticker Gigant is fully committed to online business, and thus, in addition to a cooperation with Amazon, the success of its own website.

The Challenge

The first website and design of Sticker Gigant launched in 2010. In the following years, the website design was hardly modified. The Desktop design remained static — and there was not an alternate platform for mobile users to use.

In order to coordinate with modern website trends and deploy a more user friendly design, a relaunch of the website was scheduled to take place in October of 2016. However, the team ran into some issues during launch:

“Within a few hours, we received dozens of messages by e-mail, suggesting that it was not possible to complete orders on our website through an iOS device. We were at a loss, because in the tests it worked. We were nervous and had almost given up hope of a successful relaunch until we looked at the relevant records of those visitors who visited our website with their iPhone in Mouseflow. “

Why Mouseflow

“As part of our relaunch, we looked at numerous web analytics tools that would help us understand the user behavior of our mobile visitors. We are, however, a small family business and none of us have an analytical background. It was the way Mouseflow visualized the user behavior that inspired us so much. Finally, to see exactly how the visitors interact with our website, where they click and how they scroll, it now made it possible for us to make meaningful improvements immediately. ” – Kristina Richter, co-owner

The Solution

Numerous tests of the new website and the ordering process were carried out during the relaunch. The tests were successful both on classic desktops, as well as on Android and iOS devices. On October 1st, followed by an extensive social media campaign, the new website went online and it quickly became clear that, despite all previous tests, there were unexpected problems with the new website. These issues needed urgent attention.

Session replays from Mouseflow quickly showed that the payment page, which is integrated using iFrame, could not be loaded on iOS devices with the Safari browser. As 1/3 of all clients visited the website with their iPhone or iPad, the company was threatened with a painful loss of sales. The Sticker Gigant team confronted the development team with its findings and then responded with an immediate correction of the error.

Case Study: How Mouseflow Saved the Launch of Sticker Gigant

After the issues with the payment side were resolved, the Sticker Gigant team discovered a new problem: all product pictures of the new collection were distorted on iOS devices. Using Mouseflow’s session replay, the web developers were again confronted with the relevant records of the problem. The development team quickly resolved the issue.

Case Study: How Mouseflow Saved the Launch of Sticker Gigant


With the help of Mouseflow, Sticker Gigant was able to identify significant weaknesses in the user interface immediately after relaunching the website. After relaunch, Mouseflow optimized the average shopping basket value by 78%, increased orders with iOS devices by 26%, and raised cross-selling with first orders by 18%.

About Mouseflow

Mouseflow was founded in Copenhagen in April of 2010. Since then, Mouseflow has developed into one of the top customer experience analytics softwares in the world. Mouseflow serves small and medium-sized companies, as well as many international corporations. Lasse Schou, the founder and managing director of Mouseflow, has established offices in Copenhagen, Seattle, and Hamburg. The goal is to offer a first-class solution to business customers of all sizes — in order to optimize the customer experience. Today, Mouseflow has more than 100,000 customers. Customers in the United States include: Microsoft, NBC, Philips, Costco, The Weather Channel, Pepsi, and more.