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Mouseflow Adds a New Item to the Toolkit: User Feedback

Bellevue, Washington | March 1st, 2017

Mouseflow, a website analytics tool that offers session replay, heatmaps, funnels, and form analytics is pleased to add a new feature to its line-up: User Feedback. With clients of all sizes and in all industries, this long-anticipated feature completes the suite of tools to offer direct user insight from a visitor’s perspective.

Previously, marketers would launch surveys to understand how users think and feel about their brands. This often results in biased data or misinformation, as you never get the “true” picture. With the addition of User Feedback, Mouseflow lets you launch targeted feedback campaigns to jump into the minds of visitors and play the full browser sessions of users who complete the survey, to understand their frame of mind and what led up to their opinions. It’s a game-changer in terms of how we get information from customers and whether there’s any value behind it.

“This is a huge moment for us. We aim to provide the best user analytics tool in the industry — and this release reaffirms that. We are launching a new feature that will improve our product, expand Mouseflow’s capabilities, and deliver better results to our clients,” says Lasse Schou, CEO of Mouseflow.


About Mouseflow:

Mouseflow has over 100,000 clients including Costco, Philips, Samsung, Virgin, Intuit, Sears, Pepsi, AT&T, Autodesk, Microsoft, Vodafone, Accenture, Deloitte, Telefonica, Bosch, Trend Micro, Opel, and more. Mouseflow has offices in United States, Denmark, Germany, and soon to be more.​

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