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Mouseflow Just Got Easier: Launching a Guided Tour

We’re excited to launch a brand new feature available to all clients: an in-app, guided tour utilizing a demo website to demonstrate all the features and benefits of Mouseflow. Every account will now be equipped with a demo website, filled with data, exhibiting how Mouseflow captures and translates data into actionable analytics.

Alongside the Mouseflow training center and knowledge base, the guided tour (and demo website) aims to assist clients in utilizing the full capabilities of Mouseflow.

The tour will walk you through the five main features of Mouseflow: session replay, heatmaps, funnels, forms, and user feedback. Our intention is to educate you into a Mouseflow expert: so that you can better understand how users interact on your website, increase conversions, and prevent lose sales. Your boss is going to love you.


If you’re a longtime Mouseflow client, the demo website and guided tour can be toggled under settings. Otherwise, if you’re a new user from this day forward, the demo website will be a default setting on your account.