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Mouseflow Launches in Japanese, Unveils Quality of Life Updates

We’re excited to announce that starting today, we’re launching a fully translated Japanese version of the Mouseflow application. For years now, we’ve had thousands of Japanese Mouseflow clients request a language localization. Well, it’s finally here.

Whether you’re a personal Japanese blogger, a small Japanese company just entering the e-commerce arena, or an online Japanese business powerhouse — the tools & benefits of Mouseflow are now available to you in your preferred language. The Japanese language setting is the default for signups from Japan. However, it can also be toggled under “My Settings”.

In addition to the Mouseflow Japanese launch, the development team has also recently published these quality of life updates:

  • We’ve increased the maximum number of feedback questions from nine to ten. If you’re familiar with the System Usability Scale, this will allow website administrators to acquire further insight from their feedback campaigns.
  • We’ve improved support for animated HTML elements (sliders, carousels, and other fluid content).
  • Improved functionality and usability across the platform