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How to set up a Feedback Campaign

Being able to acquire valuable, actionable information directly from your website’s visitors can be a game changer for your online business, personal blog, or corporate brand. Creating a Feedback Campaign in Mouseflow is easy! Sign into your Mouseflow account at Select the website you’d like to work on. From the main dashboard, click on “Feedback”.

Select “Add New Campaign”.

Once you’re on the feedback creation screen, you’ll be able to easily customize what your feedback campaign will look like (and how it will function). As you make changes, a preview of the live feedback campaign will appear on the right side of the screen.

There are four sections to creating a feedback campaign, each with different customization options. The first section are the campaign steps. This category allows you to add a campaign name (not visible to the public), choose question formatting, ask specific questions, and add a series of steps (if necessary).

The second section allows you to customize the appearance of the feedback campaign. You can change the color of your campaign, the placement, and toggle Mouseflow’s branding (requires a Pro Plan or enterprise subscription).

The third section allows you to trigger the campaign based on certain conditions. You can choose to trigger on a delay, on page load, on inactivity, and more. Additionally, the feedback campaign can be modified to display only on certain pages and to some users.

The final section allows the user to officially activate the campaign (or save as a draft in an inactive state).

Once you’ve reviewed all your changes, click “Create Feedback Campaign” in the finalize tab. Make sure to set the campaign to active!