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Feedback Campaigns: How to Improve Your Conversions

Maximizing conversions is critical for sales and the overall growth of your company. If you’re trying to acquire as many clients as possible, ensuring that your sign-up process is smooth and bug free is necessary. If you aren’t reaching your conversion goals, maybe there’s a website bug you’re unaware of. Maybe your product information isn’t readily available and simple to understand. Maybe your site’s organization is confusing to the user. Identifying any roadblocks in the user experience is absolutely crucial.

If you’ve never filled out a feedback campaign before, you can follow our simple guide here.

Example questions to ask

-Is there anything hold you back from signing up?

-Is there anything stopping you from purchasing?

-Did you find what you’re looking for?

-Do you have any feature suggestions for us?

-How can we make the signup process easier?

What to Expect

Expect your visitors to be incredibly blunt in their feedback. If a user has a question that they can’t find an answer to, they’re going to ask it. Consider adding a feedback step requesting an email so you can follow up with specific users. If there’s a bug in your sign-up process, your frustrated users will let you know.

Additionally, asking for direct feedback from your users can be incredibly informative for your design and marketing teams. Identifying these website bugs, frustrations, and upsets in the user experience should be immediately addressed by your website’s administrator. Ensuring a smooth, clear, and simple sign-up process is necessary for your company’s growth.