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How Ocado technology, supporter of the world’s largest online grocery store, uses Mouseflow

Ocado technology, a software group that supports (the world’s largest online-only grocery retailer) and Morrisons (the UK’s fourth largest grocery store chain), recently published an internal case study focused around site insights they discovered using Mouseflow.

The study reveals how their team used Mouseflow to uncover confusing icons and areas on their site, eventually leading to dropoffs. Ocado discussed just how extensive the issue was:

“From this feature (Mouseflow’s session replay), certain hiccups within the site design became apparent, such as users clicking on the purple text box with the Rapid Router logo, thinking it would lead them to the game, when actually the two were unlinked. This feature was essentially acting as a dead end. Issues like these can lead to early drop-offs, so this just goes to show how invaluable user research is to a successful website.”

You can read the full case study here: