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In anticipation for 2018…

Before we embark on an ambitious year, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our most exciting moments in 2017. Let’s take a look!

In December of 2017, we were awarded our 3rd Gazelle in a row (2015, 2016 & 2017) for our exceptional growth. Additionally, we received the “Digital Gazelle”, appointed by Google and presented by Malou Aamund, Google’s Country Director for Denmark.

We also pushed many exciting updates in 2017:

  • Mouseflow Training Library: In mid-January, we launched a full academy of Mouseflow training videos. This features tips/tricks and feature breakdowns covering all aspects of how to use Mouseflow to its fullest potential.
  • User Feedback: We unveiled the fifth major feature to Mouseflow: User Feedback. Coupled with session replay, clients can now track a user’s journey with the added context of their direct written words as feedback.
  • Mouseflow Japan: With growing demand in the Japan, the entire Mouseflow app was localized to the Japanese language.
  • On-Demand Credit Refills: We allow clients to immediately refill their credits at any time. If you run out of credits, you can get more right away to ensure continuous tracking.
  • Annotated Recordings: This update makes it easy to share notes with team members, identify and flag bugs, and communicate the exact location when something noteworthy takes place. Instead of watching the entire session, you can now jump to the most important parts.
  • Advanced JavaScript Error Tracking:  Our playback now reveals the full error message, affected source files, line/column numbers, and a stacktrace at the precise moment when “click-error”s occur. This shortens the required time to diagnose and fix issues that would otherwise be impossible to find.
  • Increased Storage: This update allows you to access even more historical data, make broader comparisons, and view heatmaps with a high level of statistical significance. After all, who doesn’t want more data?
  • Referral Program: We launched a program that rewards you when you share Mouseflow with your friends!
  • Real-Time Alerts: This update allows users to set-up custom alerts to know when important events occur. You’ll be the first to know if there’s a sudden increase in cart abandonment, errors, or usability roadblocks.
  • Feedback Notifications: These notifications improve your ability to quickly respond to visitors. Combined with recordings, user feedback can be used to track down leads, fix bugs on your website, answer inquiries, and make site adjustments.
  • GDPR Resource Page: We launched a GDPR specific resource page for all Mouseflow clients and subjects. You can access it anytime at This is a living document and reveals what we’re doing as an organization from top-to-bottom.


We look forward to an exciting 2018. We’ve got tons of new improvements and innovative content coming your way! Be sure to check your email for announcements and bookmark our blog page.