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Form Errors: Identify why users are dropping out

Baked in Mouseflow’s form feature is the unique ability to filter for JavaScript errors and visitor frustration. This makes it easy to find recordings of painful visitor experiences — and then send these (recordings) to developers for fixing. If you aren’t familiar with our forms feature, these analytics allow you to track visitor interaction within forms on your website. Common examples include sign-up, checkout, and contact forms.

The feature measures drop-off, refills, blank submissions, errors, and more – for each relevant form field – and can be filtered in real time. This helps you uncover issues, improve usability, and increase conversions among different segments of visitors.

Here’s a secret we don’t talk about enough: all of Mouseflow’s features can be filtered. Select the Forms Tab in-app. You’ll find the filter icon on the top right of your screen. Once clicked, the filter overlay will open, displaying numerous indicators you can filter by. You can sort by location, language, page count, duration, browser, operating system, platform, traffic source, visitor type (first time/returning), screen resolution, pages viewed, custom variables/tags, and much more.

In this example, we’ll filter for the tag “click-error”. If you’re unfamiliar with this terminology, click-error is an automatic Mouseflow tag that tracks when visitors experience JavaScript errors on your website. Mouseflow tags these recordings with “click-error” tags, so they’re easy to find.

Once you’ve selected the “click-error” tag and hit apply, the form will relay the visitor breakdown details of all sessions that included that tag. Select the “watch dropped” icon (at each relevant form stage) to display the recordings of visitors who dropped off at each respective stage.

From here you can download or share these recordings with a developer. No more trying to explain a difficult bug or error to a team-member. You’ll be able to communicate exactly what went wrong on your website: what the visitor was doing, how the bug was triggered, and what the user saw. Dear developers: thank us later.

As always, if you haven’t signed up for a free Mouseflow account, you can do so here. Let us know your thoughts and contact us at if you have any questions.