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Announcing our New Visual Privacy Tool

Over the past few months, our team has worked on a tool to allow our clients to easily exclude personal data from being tracked on their websites. We wanted something that didn’t require code or having to update your website — a simple one-click way to manage privacy. Today, we’re excited to announce the Privacy Tool is live!

You’ll find it under the Settings tab and then selecting “Exclude and Whitelist”, as shown below:

A pop-up box will appear asking which page you’d like to edit tracking on. Enter the URL and a new browser tab will open with the Privacy Tool pre-loaded on it.

Begin selecting the different page elements that you want Mouseflow to be excluded from tracking. As you add additional elements, the “Excluded Content” list will begin populating automatically.

Next, for EU/EEA accounts where we disable keystroke tracking by default, you can click the “Whitelist fields” tab on the left to selectively enable tracking on any form field(s) you still wish to track. This is useful for form fields that will never contain personal data — things like search boxes, quantity fields, and the like.

When you’re finished adjusting the tracking, click “Save and close”. Or, if you’d like to continue making changes on other pages, click “Hide to navigate” and browse the website as you normally would. When you click to view another page, the Privacy Tool will pre-load itself and you can repeat the same process again.
Questions? Get in touch with us by emailing or call +1 855-668-7335.