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Introducing Persisting Views and Average Friction Score

Mouseflow is better than ever! Accomplish more with:

  • Persisting Views
  • Average friction score
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Persisting Views

This feature has been in high demand from our many awesome Mouseflow users.

As some of our users might know you can save any combination of filters you’re using on your account as a Custom View. Once you’ve filtered a list or report you can hit the save button in the top bar to save it as a custom view. You can even share these saved views with other members of your team and set up notifications for them.

What is new is that, in your Mouseflow account, your selected view will now persist across all reports and heatmaps as well as the recording- and heatmap list. So once you’ve chosen your view, you can easily navigate through your reports, without having to re-select the filters. This makes it a lot quicker and easier for you to find the specific metrics you want to explore.

Add Average Friction Score to your Dashboard


We are now introducing a brand new friction metric to your dashboard, showing you the average friction for all visitors to your site in the selected date range – or segment of users you set. This provides an easy way to compare different segments; maybe the average friction is higher for mobile users compared to desktop users? Or perhaps you find more problems for users with a specific browser? Identifying the segment that struggles most is a significant first step towards improving your website – and your conversions.

You can read more about the Friction Score here!


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