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Heatmaps 101 – Movement Heatmaps

Movement heatmaps focus on where users navigate their mouse on your site – it’s a great measure of attention and engagement. This is insightful because you can gauge whether the key areas of a page receive adequate attention. Below, you can see that most of the user attention on our site is focused on the video […]

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Heatmaps 101 – Click Heatmaps

A click heatmap is valuable to show the effectiveness of links throughout your site. Whether a link is part of the main navigation, text content, or a multi-step form, you need to know whether it helps or hinders usability. On our home page, the links in the main navigation receive the most clicks. You can […]

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New Course – Heatmaps 101

We’re pleased to announce a new course on heatmaps! Every visitor wants to find information quickly and efficiently. And, every company wants to accommodate the needs of visitors to generate leads/conversions in the process. Mouseflow’s heatmaps provide high-level visibility into the eyes of visitors. You can gauge desires/needs, spot problems, pinpoint solutions, and more. We […]

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Clicktale Free Plan – Gone Forever

At Mouseflow, we’ve always had a Free Plan. Back in 2013, Clicktale launched their “Priceless Plan”. We were happy to see it because it means more users try our products (good for everyone). Unfortunately, it looks like they discontinued it: We’re sorry to see it go — but, here’s a special deal: Sign up for […]

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New Feature – Dropdowns & Mouse Events in Heatmaps

We’re excited to announce a new feature — you can now see dropdowns and mouse triggered events in heatmaps! This lets you increase the usefulness of heatmaps with accurate data for dynamic elements. It’s available in our click and movement heatmaps now – give it a try and let us know what you think. Have […]

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New Feature – Adjust Playback Speed

We’re excited to announce a new feature — you can now adjust the playback speed of recordings! This lets you easily speed up or slow down playback to fit your needs. To get started, follow the steps below: Login to the Dashboard, click Recordings, and click to play a session/recording. In the top bar, click […]

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New Feature – Heatmaps in Full Screen Mode

We’re excited to announce a new feature — all heatmaps can now be viewed in full screen! This lets you easily download or export your heatmaps for offline use. To get started, follow the steps below: Login to the Dashboard, click Page Analysis, and open a heatmap. In the top bar, click the “Full Screen” […]

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New Feature – Watched Recordings

We’re excited to announce a new feature — you can now see which recordings are watched vs. unwatched! In the recording list, watched recordings have a subtle grey background; unwatched (new) recordings have a white background. In the coming weeks, we’ll release a filter to view only watched or unwatched recordings. This helps streamline analysis […]

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Mouseflow Coupon / Discount / Promo Code

Congratulations! You’re a smart one. It’s always worth searching for a special discount. So, here it is… When you signup for a Mouseflow account, use the special link below to get **250 FREE** recording credits:

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Mouseflow Celebrates 30,000 Customers

It’s a special day at Mouseflow. We just acquired our 30,000th customer! It’s a huge milestone, but our work isn’t done yet. Lots to come. We’re thrilled to have amazing customers and thank everyone for their support.

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