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3 Ways to Utilize Google’s New Extended Text Ads

Earlier this year, Google officially launched its new expanded PPC text ads format. Here’s 3 ways to take advantage of Google’s new release.

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5 Reasons You Should Boost Your E-commerce Site With Visual Elements

First impressions matter online and offline. How can you attract and retain attention to your website? Learn how to effectively utilize visual elements to increase visitor interaction on your site.

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5 Steps to Better B2C Rapport Using Mobile Marketing Automation

Forming a connection with your customer base can take time, but with more millennial customers coming of age in the next few years, finding a fast and effective way to engage the people who can make or break our businesses is more important than ever before. Implementing marketing automation is a smart and innovative marketing strategy you can use to reach out and connect with consumers without doubling your workload.

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5 Ways Live Chat Can Generate More Leads for Your Business

There are only a couple of things that matter more to you as a business owner than your customers and prospects, because after all, the main mission of your business is to grow. If you are not generating leads and missing out on new customers, your business will not be able to complete its mission. Lead generation isn’t just about attracting visitors to your website; it is about qualifying your visitors, capturing their information and engaging with them. For this reason, you always need to be on the lookout for online tools that will help you succeed.

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7 Ways to Start a Business with Great Impact

If you start or run a business, it needs to have impact. We curated a list of the top 7 ways to ensure your business, products, and services thrive.

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eCommerce: Low Cost, High Reward

Operating a physical business or store can be demanding and difficult to get off the ground for many reasons. There are several advantages of eCommerce against brick and mortar stores. Some of these are the direct financial impact of having a virtual store versus a physical location, and other advantages include customer and operations-oriented capabilities that only online services can provide… because of this, eCommerce business operation becomes an extremely attractive option.

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8 Tips for Optimizing Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns in 2017

As we are approaching the end of the year, marketing trends that will make a big impact in 2017 are becoming more apparent. For example, personalized content and in-app behavioral analysis will provide an unbeatable experience that marketers can capitalize on by collecting data for user analytics. This will pave the way to creating conversions by learning about and connecting to mobile users on a personal level.

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Every month, billions of pageviews are recorded for Wordpress websites – the secret lies within the platform’s simple-to-use interface, flexibility, exciting features, and convenient forms. What’s more? It features open source built-in PHP and MySQL that virtually removes any potential restrictions regarding its usability. This is perhaps why it is one of the most globally preferred CMS platforms!

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How to Create a Blog that Nourishes Organic Traffic and Conversions Over Time

Blogging is one of the most effective and time-proven techniques of reaching out to a global audience with the power to increase your Return on Investment (ROI) by driving organic traffic and increasing sales over time. There are literally millions of new blogs going live every day, and because of this, it’s challenging to develop […]

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Using Mouseflow to Improve Your Online Ad Campaigns

Do you run ad campaigns? If so, you should definitely use Mouseflow to optimize their performance.

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