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Live Form Analytics is here!

Optimizing the forms on your website is one of the most important aspects of conversion rate optimization (CRO). You'll want to make sure that you get enough data from your users, but on the other hand you don't want a large number of input fields that may deter users. But how to find the right balance?

We are very excited to announce that Form Analytics is here! It's the moment you've been waiting for. Let's take a closer look.

Form Analytics

Mouseflow lets you study conversion and drop rates on a per-field basis. Are users dropping out of the form when asked for their phone number? Or is it hard to understand what "VAT NO" means? Form Analytics will give you the answers to all that, but wait, there's more.

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Mouseflow & Optimizely Webinar

We had an excellent webinar last Tuesday with Optimizely. Trenton Scott from Mouseflow and Fabian Liebig from Optimizely walked you through the vital steps needed to optimize your website for conversions. You learned how to define goals, determine optimization points, set up A/B test variants, analyze the result data with heatmaps, and take action.

Don't worry - if you didn't make the webinar, it's all recorded for you here:

Let us know your thoughts! If you don’t already have a Mouseflow account, sign upsign up for one today.

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Feature Update - Auto-Masking, Auto-Tagging, Dynamic Menus, Reports & More!

Our team has been hard at work. Mouseflow is better than ever!

Did you ever wonder if you could watch sessions that came from your mailout campaign? How about auto-masking payment details automatically so you're absolutely sure you don't track sensitive data? Or how about tagging sessions while watching them?

You're in luck because we just launched all those features, and a few more. Here’s a sneak peak of our new features.

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Mouseflow Featured in Forbes

Mouseflow was just featured in an article at Forbes.

The article focuses on Three Incredible Insights That Heatmapping Technology Provides to Businesses and is a must-read for anyone with a website.

It discusses the basic heatmap types, as well as common trends/patterns observed in visitor behavior that can be seen on heatmaps.

Take a look at the article and let us know your thoughts!

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New Feature - Funnel Analytics

We’re very excited to announce a New Feature - Funnel Analytics

Want to know more about how visitors navigate? Do you have a checkout flow that you want to study? If so, you’ll love our new Funnel Analytics feature. Here’s a sneak peak:

Funnel Analytics

This allows you to construct live funnels and measure how people behave at various steps throughout your site.

The data is updated on-the-fly so there is no need to wait before a report is ready. You can just login, add steps, and start analyzing – even back in time. You can see dropped or converted visitors at various points in time, too.

And the best part is that you can click "Watch dropped" at any step in the funnel and get a list of the users that dropped out of that particular steps. You can also watch the converted users, of course.

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See Mouseflow on Discovery Channel

Mouseflow was on the Discovery Channel on October 30th at 7am ET/PT!

We’re in the NewsWatch TV segment – a source for breaking consumer, technology, and entertainment news.

It aired in over 200 markets and across 96 million households worldwide.

You get a glimpse of live session replay, click, movement, and scroll heatmaps, and much more!

Watch it here:

Please help spread the word. We appreciate your support! :)

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New Feature - Geo Heatmap

At Mouseflow, our team has been busy. Last week, we launched The New Mouseflow – our completely redesigned platform.

Now, we are pleased to announce the newest addition to our heatmap suite: the Geo Heatmap.

Geo Heatmaps

This new heatmap view lets you see where visitors are located on a world map. It’s illustrated with colors by area and concentration and provides a summary count of visitor location metrics for each major country.

Like our other heatmaps, the Geo Heatmap allows you to spot trends and patterns that would otherwise not be possible. This is because all of our filter options are available for this heatmap. You can create/save views for a particular subset of visitors and understand how those visitors behave by region. For example, do you know whether you get more cart abandonment in the United States or Canada? This heatmap will show you – and so much more!

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Mouseflow Unveils Its Brand New User Interface, Packed With Features

As the CEO of Mouseflow, I'm extremely pleased to announce our new user interface – The New Mouseflow! It’s available now and is a complete overhaul which includes new features like better filters, funnels, improved playback, interactive heatmaps, filtering for heatmaps, and so much more. We've listened to your great feedback and I honestly think you'll be pleased to see the result.

In the coming months we'll be adding more functionality like form analytics, geo heatmaps, funnel tracking, user identification, and enhanced segmentation for heatmaps. This makes Mouseflow one of the most powerful and approachable tools on the market. Our beta users so far love it:

"Mouseflow gives ah-ha moments that traditional analytics tools can’t!" — Hamilton Wallace, Small Business Marketing Consultant

"I am blown away – so useful and cost-effective for compared to other tools – awesome find!" — Ruth Cheesley, Virya Technologies

"Mouseflow is an integral part of all of my projects. You learn more about users in a week than months of typical U/X testing. Do yourself a favor and start using Mouseflow!" — Nicholas Kreidberg, MTS Systems

"Mouseflow is literally saving my company! The product is awesome!" — Davide Masserini, DMware

So go on, try it out and tell us what you think!

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Reinvigorate Is Down

Since mid-2015, one of Mouseflow’s competitors, Reinvigorate, has been down and now appears to have discontinued service to users. We’re sorry to see them go, but think you’ll enjoy several benefits when switching to Mouseflow.

So, try Mouseflow today — it’s free! Signup for an account at and use the promotion code “REINVIGORATE” (without quotes) to get 500 free recordings. Offer expires 12/31/16.

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Mouseflow Becomes Market Leader in Session Replay and Heatmaps

Mouseflow, a website analytics tool that replays visitor sessions and generates behavioral heatmaps, is now the industry leader by number of active installations. In this position, Mouseflow has overtaken ClickTale®, a venture-backed company with $60M in funding, without any outside investment itself.

“It’s an exciting time for all of us. We focus on converting new and existing customers to become loyal fans of our product. We are about to launch a new user interface that will raise the bar, expand our position, and bring about dozens of new opportunities.”, says Lasse Schou, CEO of Mouseflow.


About Mouseflow:

Mouseflow is a website analytics tool that lets users replay visitor sessions and see heatmaps showing where visitors click, scroll, and pay attention.

The company was founded in 2009 by Lasse Schou, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and quickly rose to become a powerful player in analytics.

After running a web agency for almost a decade, Lasse Schou decided to start Mouseflow. He saw a need for a tool that would meet the growing demand for modern analytics, but at an affordable price. His vision was to help clients understand the people behind the numbers – demystifying complex data and making it accessible to everyone. In the short period after its launch, Mouseflow gained immediate traction throughout the analytics and marketing space.

Today, Mouseflow has over 45,000 clients including Philips, Samsung, Virgin, Intuit, Sears, Pepsi, AT&T, Autodesk, Microsoft, Vodafone, Accenture, Deloitte, Telefonica, Bosch, Trend Micro, Opel, and more. Mouseflow has offices in United States, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. To learn more, visit h​ttp://,​ call +1 (855) 668-7335, or email​

All logos, trademarks, and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners which do not sponsor or endorse Mouseflow or this press release.

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