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Heatmaps give an instant overview of key web performance parameters

Website heatmaps utilize a visual and illustrative color coding system to indicate increased and decreased levels of activity from your website's users and gives you an instant overview of where your users are excelling and where they are failing in converting your most important KPI's.

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A single heatmap can be worth a thousand numbers


Click heatmaps

A click heatmap reveals where your website visitors click on your website. It’s incredibly valuable in measuring the effectiveness of links throughout your site. Whether it’s a navigation bar, a call-to-action element (sign-up, purchase, add-to-cart, contact us, etc), a click heatmap will tell you exactly where (and how many) users are clicking on your website.

A click heatmap operates questions like:
  • Does your pages most relevant elements have any clicks?
  • How do similar elements get more amounts of clicks?
  • Do all of your form fields receive equal amounts of attention?
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Scroll heatmaps

A scroll heatmap indicates how much of the page is visible to your visitors. Each fold in a scroll heatmap will reveal the average visibility and time spent on that part of the page. You don’t really know if and how your visitors will browse on your website.

A scroll heatmap shows you, in aggregate, whether people are able to see/interact with content as you expect. For example, a call to action button is almost always best suited in the top fold of your page. But websites are not always designed this way.

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Attention heatmaps

A attention heatmap shows you how much time users are spending on your pages. It shows what parts of the page are most and least actively engaged by using a illustrative colored overlay. By watching the color change, you can interpret how the activity changes on the page. The hotter the activity, the hotter the color. The cooler the color gets, the less activity there will be.

You can tailor the user journey as you wish and see which pages are causing most drop-offs, so you can get a better conversion rate. Connect todayGet started with heatmaps today

Movement heatmaps

A Movement heatmap focuses exclusively on where visitors move their mouse on the page. This heatmap is helpful because it tells you which parts of your page receive mouse attention. A movement heatmap indicates:
  • Do the warmest areas support my overall goal of the specific page?
  • Are there hotter areas over content that isn’t well explained in the content?
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Geographical heatmaps

A geographical heatmap (or Geo heatmap) reveals the general location (anonymized to a level that can’t be individually traced to a specific user) of a visitor to your website. This heatmap is helpful in optimizing your marketing campaigns — it allows you to identify which regions, cities, and areas contain your most prospects. Try heatmaps for free.

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