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Get actionable insights for increasing conversions based on where your users click, how far they scroll and where are they located.

Set up your website heatmap

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5 types of heatmaps

5 types of heatmaps

Reduce your efforts to understand user needs and listen to many visitors at once. Watch a color-coded visual display of a multitude of data in the fastest way possible.

Mouseflow heatmaps will show you anything from clicks and movement to attention and even your visitors' location. Gain access to information about your user behavior instantly and discover where you can improve your user experience.Try for free

Try live heatmap feature

Try live heatmap feature

You don't even have to wait for a certain number of users. Watch live heatmaps with overlay on your own website while it is recording in real time!

Choose your focus and target specific issues. Boost your conversions by making improvements to your site based on your users' current frustrations. Tune back to your live heatmaps to see how your users respond to your changes. Try for free

Make smart choices together

Make smart choices together

Communicate smoothly with your team about complicated datasets with Mouseflow’s visual presentation of heatmaps.

Heatmaps let your team see data in the same way and focus on making choices based on what you know. Instead at looking at numbers, heatmaps will give you a quick overview of user behavior patterns that are easy to interpret together.Try for free

"As a humanitarian organization, we want to know how information reaches our target audience. Mouseflow supports us by providing actionable, valuable, and real-time intelligence as we work with the people who depend on our information."

Gerald Czech
Austrian Red Cross

“Mouseflow makes it easy to get data without having to be a JavaScript expert. Their customer support has helped me every step of the way — from setting up surveys to figuring out how best to analyze results. I recommend Mouseflow to anyone looking to quantify engagement and behavior online!”

Holly Howe
Duke University

"For user experience, Mouseflow's session replay and heatmaps are the perfect complement to our analysis. It helps different departments gather insights quickly and effectively. It is absolutely essential for optimizing our sites."

Team Web-Analytics

"You learn more about users in a week than months of typical U/X testing. Do yourself a favor and start using Mouseflow!"

Nicholas Kreidberg
MTS Systems

“Mouseflow offers us the capability to look into key journeys through the eyes of users. We uncovered handfuls of bugs and previously unknown pain points. We also gathered satisfaction metrics from critical parts of our website. Mouseflow is, without doubt, the best UX service I have used to date and very much a credit to the team who make it all happen!”


“Mouseflow is a great platform to track customer behavior. The funnels are my favorite feature for improving conversions. I also like using forms to isolate issues with specific form fields. It definitely helps the team out!”

Leah Hernandez
ABT Electronics

“We use Mouseflow to improve customer experiences and journeys. It takes the guesswork out of developing a website and enables us to fix problems quickly. It's the best tool because it enables us to be agile and reactive to user experiences.”

Michelle Kay
Certas Energy

“Mouseflow is a good addition to the other analytical tools we use and a good alternative to similar offers. Compared to eye-tracking studies, Mouseflow is faster, cheaper, and much easier to apply to multiple analytical cases. Compared to other session replay tools, Mouseflow does everything we need without the feature bloat and higher costs. And Mouseflow’s customer support is always on time and on target.”

Vodafone Germany
Web Analytics Team