Website Feedback Tool

Our Website Feedback Tool provides a unique way to understand visitor behavior on your website — from the visitor’s perspective

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5 reasons to use Mouseflow as a Website Feedback Tool

The key to successful UX and conversion rate optimization is to identify what causes user hesitation. With Mouseflow as your Website Feedback Tool you'll acquire valuable, actionable information directly from your website’s visitors.
This can be a game changer for your online business, personal blog, or corporate brand


User Feedback

Get even closer to your customers and what they think of your website, by using our interactive survey as a feedback tool. It’s easy to implement and customize and it’s not intrusive as many other surveys as it’s placed in the bottom corner, where the customers can decide if they want to give feedback or not.

Try it out for free. A good place to add it could be straight after a customer has purchased an item as the user experience is still fresh in their memory.

Feedback Campaigns

Feedback campaigns can improve your conversions and be customized with multiple steps, specific audience types, skip logic, various input types.

Additionally, it is compatible on both desktop and mobile. The administrator can program pre-built triggers (such as inactivity or scroll based) or you can trigger it programmatically via our JavaScript API. Get a free trial here

Get instant Feedback Report

In the Feedback Campaign Report you can view all the data gathered on your Feedback campaigns: Impressions, Responses, Response rate and the answers your users has been submitting.

In the Feedback Campaign Report you can view:
  • Campaign Statistics
  • Responses Chart
  • Answer Chart
  • Response List
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Get your Net Promoter Score (NPS®)

Net Promoter Score (NPS®) is a way to measure how likely your user-base is to recommend your business to other people, friend, family or colleagues.

When making a feedback campaign, you can add an NPS® step to your campaign and make the NPS report. In your NPS report you can see a breakdown of the different user groups:
  • Promoters - displayed in green.
  • Passives - displayed in yellow.
  • Detractors - displayed in red.
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Connect our Feedback Tool to your website and ask users if they need help.
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Get better customer feedback