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Are you an expert in conversion rate optimization, data analytics, marketing, technology, or usability? At Mouseflow, we love to showcase writing from our customers, affiliates, and partners. This creates great content for our readers and serves as a phenomenal platform for your writing.

Our blog is read by 100,000+ clients worldwide, including companies in virtually every industry. We aim to deliver high-quality, relevant, content to our audience of decision makers, executives, and thought leaders.

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  1. You must be the original author of the blog post and transfer all rights, title, and interest in the particular post to Mouseflow.
  2. Your submission must heavily incorporate Mouseflow and its features.
  3. The post must be exclusive to Mouseflow - not published elsewhere on the Internet.
  4. Your post has to adhere to the core niche of Mouseflow’s blog: conversion rate optimization, data analytics, marketing, technology, and usability.
  5. Your blog post must be written in English, have correct syntax/spelling/grammar, and utilize eloquent prose. We like short and sweet.
  6. Your blog post must be easy to understand, as if you’re writing to an audience that is not familiar with your topic.
  7. A direct, actionable voice must be taken in your blog post. Try to avoid “filler” words to make your blog post longer.
  8. If you use images or other media assets, include a link to your sources at the bottom of your post.
  9. Please include your Twitter (and other) social media handles so we can tag you in your work.


The first step is to contact us using the button below to pitch your idea. Please review our recent blog posts and submit a unique article concept (that remains within our niche).

Please note that we are highly selective in the article submission process. However, if your post is a winner, we'll schedule a launch date, send you the link, and promote the post in our weekly emails, social media accounts, and other channels.

To pitch your idea, send us an email using the button below.

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