Funnel Analytics

Funnel Analytics shows you live funnels of your users and measure how people behave at various steps throughout your site.

Optimize your funnels today

Funnel analytics gives your a clear visual on how many visitors actually turn into confirmed customers on their user journey.

The Funnel data is updated in real-time, so there is no need to wait before a report is ready. You can simply create a funnel with the steps you want to track and start analyzing right away


Funnel Analytics

Mouseflow tracks activity from page-to-page on your site. It helps you analyze key journeys and processes (like checkout or sign up). Build reports to examine visitor behavior throughout a journey. You can also watch the sessions of visitors who drop out! With our funnel tool you will get a clear visual on how many visitors actually turn into confirmed customers on their user journey. This knowledge makes it so much easier to give your customers the best user experience possible.
Create effective funnels today

Setting up a Funnel

Setting up a funnel is easy: just enter the step-by-step navigation journey you’d like to analyze. It can be as many or as few pages as you want. This makes it easy to setup a marketing campaign and identify cart abandonment across all of your devices. You can tailor the user journey as you wish and see which pages are causing most drop-offs, so you can get a better conversion rate. Try it out

Funnel segmenting and filtering

You can filter your funnel just like you can on recordings. This means you can segment your data by country, operating system, browser, device type, page count, duration, custom tags/variables, click-error, click rage, and so much more. Try Funnel Analytics today

Analyze the Funnel

It's easy access to a number of valuable statistics and analytical data for the entire funnel and for each respective step such as:
  • Visits
  • Conversion rate
  • Dropped
  • Watch dropped/converted
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