Session Replay

Session Replay Tools show exactly how people use your website — including what frustrates them. They provide heatmaps of your web pages, showing where users click, move, scroll, and focus their attention.

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Session Replay Tools eliminates guesswork by tracking a visitor’s entire journey on your site

You can view all page-views, clicks, scrolls, page interactions, and typing from a single user. You can rewind, fast forward, adjust the speed, add comments or notes, and download or share it with team members.

You can also track activity on all devices: desktops, tablets, and phones. You can detect gestures like touch/tap, pinch/zoom, and swipe. Additionally, you can see how visitors behave on fluid or responsive layouts.


Why use Session Replay?

The goals of a Session Replay tool are to:

  • Increase positive visitor experiences on your website
  • Reduce the chances of a negative visitor experience
  • Boost conversions (purchases, sign-ups, etc)
  • Aid your marketing/design teams in website re-designs
  • Measure funnel production
  • Optimize forms across your website (contact, sign-up, purchase, etc)
  • Acquire visitor feedback & implement improvements across your website
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Live Recordings

We’ve made it possible for you to look at individual user behaviors on your website. By using our session replay tool, you can watch live recordings and frustration monitoring on how people are browsing and where they might encounter problems.

Are the customers reading the information on your website? How much are they searching before buying? What makes them leave your website when their cart is full? Knowing your customers behaviors, is key for a successful online business. Get a free trial here

Recording Lists

In the recordings dashboard, Mouseflow generates a real time comprehensive list of all incoming visitor sessions. This includes the location of the visitor, referrer, entry page, time stamp, number of page views, session duration, device type, operating system, screen resolution, and custom tags.
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You can filter recordings by date range, country, operating system, browser, traffic source, visitory type, screen resolution, starred or watched recordings, visitor names, sessions IDs, device type, page count, duration, entry/exit/contains/does not contain pages, custom tags/variables, and so much more.
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Custom Views and Alerts

You might be particularly interested in incoming sessions matching a certain criteria. In Mouseflow Session replay tool you can customize the different settings for a view and even apply alerts.

You can customize the name, whether or not to share with your team, notification frequency, and preferred notification medium (email, Slack, webhook). You can even add your developer as a sub-user, allowing Mouseflow to notify him/her whenever a potential bug or error occurs on your site. Try it out for free.

Complement Session Replay with Google Analytics
to better understand how visitors are behaving.

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