Tools used

  • Heatmaps
  • Session Replay
  • Funnels

Success Story

When TechMinds started using Mouseflow to uncover UX issues on mobile and variously sized desktop screens. As a result they have increased their overall conversions by 36%.


increase in conversions on mobile


increase in conversions on desktop


increase in engagement on improved pages

TechMind’s Story

TechMinds is a specialized Tech & IT recruitment consultancy that connects highly qualified executives and professionals with well-known companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Tech & IT headhunters convince their clients with comprehensive recruitment services and competent personnel consulting. TechMinds relies on the website as a key element in its marketing and sales strategy. Therefore, it is extremely important for the company to have a functioning and well-designed website.

TechMind’s Goals

TechMinds wanted to know how users actually use the website. Which buttons do they click? How far do they scroll? Which pages do they visit and in which order? All these questions needed to be answered in a simple way to further optimize the company website. Potential clients and IT professionals get in touch with TechMinds via the website. Thus, uncovering usability issues on different screen sizes was crucial to increase conversion rates.

Their Solution

Improving Mobile navigation to increase conversions

Thanks to Session Replays, Heatmaps and Funnels it was easy to uncover usability problems and solve them.
Recordings and heatmaps were essential for TechMinds to optimize the website for mobile devices and different screen sizes. The company has thus found out, for example, which buttons do not work, which content or entire pages are interesting or not worth reading for visitors and that the website is displayed incorrectly on some devices. These issues had a negative impact on the conversion rate.

Consequently, the TechMinds team has made some optimizations. Buttons that did not work were fixed. Some users clicked on icons that were not clickable. This problem has been solved as well.

Based on the information from the Heatmaps TechMinds changed the content order on some pages and sometimes even rewrote whole texts. To make pages more lively, they added more pictures in some places. Another improvement was to create a different menu for mobile devices and for the desktop version.

And finally, TechMinds implemented a Bootstrap Grid System to optimize the arrangement of content on different devices. The layout is now responsive.

Now TechMinds has been able to significantly increase the conversion rates both on mobile devices and on the desktop. In concrete terms, this means that they are receiving more applications from IT professionals than before. The company is able to place those applicants with its clients in permanent positions. Vice versa, they help applicants to find new jobs. Since TechMinds is in the headhunting business, it is crucial to receive applications from IT experts on a regular basis. Overall, Mouseflow's tools have helped TechMinds greatly to increase its business.

TechMind’s success

  • Due to the optimization of the layout for mobile devices, TechMinds increased the number of visitors to the mobile website. At the same time, the conversion rate to mobile devices rose by 23%.

  • 43% increased conversions on desktop. The desktop version is even more important for TechMinds' business. Therefore it was essential to improve the website for desktop. After fixing bugs such as frictions or in the layout, they were able to increase the conversion rate by 43%.

  • Overall, visitors stay longer on the website. They scroll further and click through several pages. The engagement on improved pages was increased by 18%.

Mouseflow is a great tool to get a better understanding of your website and its users. It helped us figuring out which elements of the website didn’t show up ideally on mobile devices and different desktop screen sizes. By optimizing these issues we improved the usability and conversions of our website.

Florenz Klasen,
CEO of TechMinds