Mouseflow vs. CrazyEgg

Mouseflow and CrazyEgg are often regarded as top-industry behavior analytics tools. Yet, there are inherent differences between both platforms.

Unlike CrazyEgg, Mouseflow is a robust, no-sampling, get-the-full-picture platform that makes it easy to identify issues on your website with friction events. In addition, Mouseflow offers form analytics and feedback features that allows users to truly understand what happens between clicks on their website out-of-the-box.

In turn, CrazyEgg offers a slimmed-down set of features that cover session recording and heatmaps for a portion (sample) of the website traffic received by the platform, and an A/B testing tool. Another important Crazy Egg characteristic is that their plans are billed annually.

For more information about how both tools compare, check out this third party report here .

Recording all user sessions right out-of-the box, without further actions
Friction Score allowing to quickly identify pages with problems
Time filters on all tools, allowing you to see historical performance
Tracking JS errors
Monthly plans available
Free trial

How Mouseflow compares to CrazyEgg


Recording all user sessions right out-of-the box, without requiring further actions
Recording all users, no sampling
Automatic usability friction detection
Advanced visualisation of recording's timeline with pages and times spent on each
Powerful filtering with custom variables
Downloading session recordings


All pages, no set up required
Live heatmaps covering dynamic elements like SPAs, drop down menus, sliders and others
Geo heatmaps (user location heatmaps)
Attention heatmaps
Filtering (utm tags, *friction score and events, custom variables and more)
Time filtering
Scroll, click & movement


Populating forms with previously collected data
Populating funnels with previously collected data
Filtering (utm tags, devices, locations and more)
Time filtering


JS error tracking
Click-Error & Click-Rage Detection
Phone support
Custom development
Multiple websites per plan
Monthly plans available
A/B testing
Shadow DOM support

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