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7 Ways to Start a Business with Great Impact

We all love the lure of entrepreneurship. After all, it sounds great to be your own boss. Most people are tired of working at places where the income trajectory is cloudly at best - especially if it means leaving their dreams on the table. So, people try to start a business on their own. Who could blame them?

But, a lack of proper planning, skills, and knowledge on how to start and actually run an effective business can quickly lead to trouble. We find that success is directly coorelated to the amount of impact present in what you do. To put it succinctly: "how big of a dent can you make on the world?".

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10 Content Auditing Tools for Effective Website Optimization

When you’re reading through blogs and websites from a familiar niche, you can easily spot weak content. Through experience, you develop a base of knowledge related to your industry, making any errors or misinformation very apparent. When it comes to editing your own website, though, it’s not that easy to identify where things are failing.

Audit Your Content Using 10 Recommended Tools

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Our Heatmaps are Now Fully Responsive

We all know responsive web design is the best thing ever. Nobody disputes that!

Previously, in Mouseflow, if you wanted to see a heatmap rendered for a particular breakpoint, you'd have to resize your screen. Not anymore! We're pleased to announce that our heatmaps are now fully responsive which means you can switch between different device types directly from within our heatmaps.

Here's how to switch between device types (Desktop, Tablet, Phone, or All Devices) - it couldn't be easier:

Heatmap Device Switcher

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Black Friday Deal: 1000 FREE Credits for New Accounts

Happy Black Friday!

Before you head out to grab those holiday deals, be sure to keep tabs on what's happening on your website.

Our developers tell us this is one of the busiest times of year for clients — and for good reason! People love to shop online.

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eCommerce: Low Cost, High Reward

Operating a physical business or store can be demanding and difficult to get off the ground for many reasons. There are financial burdens – the overhead, products and services, and employees – that make it nearly impossible for entrepreneurs without a large amount of capital to create a successful venture. There are also many other aspects of operating a physical store that creates obstacles… because of this, eCommerce business operation becomes an extremely attractive option.

Benefits of an eCommerce Business

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8 Tips for Optimizing Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns in 2017

Business growth and development has acquired a very strong dependence on mobile integration, creating a demand for strong mobile marketing campaigns. This is essential for any business with an online presence.

As we are approaching the end of the year, marketing trends that will make a big impact in 2017 are becoming more apparent. For example, personalized content and in-app behavioral analysis will provide an unbeatable experience that marketers can capitalize on by collecting data for user analytics. This will pave the way to creating conversions by learning about and connecting to mobile users on a personal level.

Optimize Mobile Marketing Campaigns for 2017

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Every month, billions of pageviews are recorded for Wordpress websites - the secret lies within the platform’s simple-to-use interface, flexibility, exciting features, and convenient forms. Wordpress offers a great User Experience (UX), which is especially helpful for those who aren’t serious web developers or who just want to get their site up and running with the least time and effort required.

Wordpress is free software that flawlessly meets all your content management needs. What’s more? It features open source built-in PHP and MySQL that virtually removes any potential restrictions regarding its usability. This is perhaps why it is one of the most globally preferred CMS platforms!

With Wordpress, the creation of a website or a blog is as simple as can be. You have two options: and

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We're Hiring a Social Media & Blog Coordinator

Social Media & Blog Coordinator

It’s that time of year: Mouseflow is looking to expand its team. We are currently looking for a fun, talented, and experienced Social Media & Blog Coordinator in our Redmond, WA, USA office.

We seek a creative professional that is an expert in Social Media. You will create and grow engagement across all of our social media platforms. Your role will include planning, writing, and publishing relevant, thoughtful, and effective content on a daily basis.

As the contributor to our company’s image, we seek someone with exceptional writing and editing skills. We publish posts from guest authors, so you’ll need a sharp eye, creative mind,  and well-rounded knowledge of analytics and/or marketing. We hold our blog to a high standard of quality and desire someone who can think quickly, write well, and exude confidence.

Your responsibilities will include the building, managing, and reporting on our blog and social media channels to support brand growth and optimization. Your efforts are expected to yield a growing and sustainable rate of organic traffic, engagement, and conversions over the next coming weeks/months.

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How To Boost Your Conversion Rate and Lower Your Bounce Rate with Heatmaps

In order for your website to survive in the modern world of online business, it’s vital that it maintains a healthy conversion rate. Conversions are measured by whatever metric you use to determine a successful purchase or subscription, such as a sale, registration, or download. When your website is functioning efficiently and is appealing to your visitors, you’ll see an increase in your conversions.

However, if you’re seeing a high bounce rate and below average conversions over a long period of time, it signals an opportunity for improvement. For those who may be experiencing this, the following is an expert guide on how analyzing heatmaps can improve your conversion rate and lower your bounce rate at the same time.

Mouseflow Funnels for Conversion Rate Optimization

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How to Create a Blog that Nourishes Organic Traffic and Conversions Over Time

Effective Blogging

Blogging is one of the most effective and time-proven techniques of reaching out to a global audience with the power to increase your Return on Investment (ROI) by driving organic traffic and increasing sales over time. There are literally millions of new blogs going live every day, and because of this, it’s challenging to develop a blog that actually stands out.

Blogging has a massive impact on customer retention and sales, creating the necessity for businesses to use blogging as primary means for customer relations, public outreach, and new customer acquisition.

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