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5 Things to Watch When Expanding Your E-commerce Business to Amazon

Amazon’s exponential growth and reach make it a popular channel for most e-commerce sellers. With a net annual revenue greater than USD 350 billion, it is undoubtedly the largest online retail space in the world. More and more brands of all sizes continue to join the Amazon ecosystem, irrespective of the challenges that selling on […]

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Foundational Ecommerce KPIs for Measuring Growth

If you have an established ecommerce business, you know firsthand that there’s a never-ending list of items that need improvement. Whether it’s a website redesign, a new product launch or rebranding, a supply chain audit, or inventory-handling update, you’ve surely got your hands full with to-dos.  Ecommerce KPIs are a critical part of measuring how […]

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Practical Tools and Tactics for Solopreneur Success (and Sanity!)

Being your own boss is rewarding and freeing, but it comes with its fair share of challenges. You have to wear many hats – you’re the designer, founder, manager, developer, and customer service rep all rolled into one – and you have to do it near-flawlessly. The pressure only mounts as the business grows. Eventually, […]

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7 Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tests with Immediate ROI

The goal of every online business is to attract visitors and have them perform a certain action. The action could be to sign up for a newsletter, download an ebook, or make a purchase, in the case of ecommerce businesses. Sadly, many businesses attract visitors, but they do not perform the desired action. In other […]

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Salesforce Journey Builder: 10-Step Checklist of Best Practices

Winning over customers who convert is getting more and more difficult, considering the competitive marketplace and easy access to services. Therefore, marketers invest in analytics tools like Mouseflow to understand how users actually interact with their website content. They also look to their CRM tools, like Salesforce, to contextualize the user’s journeys to their deal […]

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Shadow DOM is Supported by Mouseflow | What is Shadow DOM? (Web Component)

Mouseflow supports Shadow DOM. Not all behavioral analytics tools do. With renewed attention on the web component we found an opportunity to update our users on how Mouseflow and Shadow DOM can play nicely, with no effect on site or software speed or performance.  Read on for the “what” and the “why”; read further for […]

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9 Bulletproof Ways to Use Analytics for Better SEO Results

As digital marketing keeps growing at an incredible pace, SEO is getting more important than ever. Moreover, it is safe to say that questionable SEO techniques of the past got replaced with quality of content, and the focus has shifted to understanding how your audiences think and even interact with search engines. What is more, […]

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How to Master Triggered Emails for Performance and Growth Marketers

If your email marketing campaigns struggle, unable to drive revenue like expected,  it’s time to revamp your strategy to make your emails more relevant for readers.  You can enhance relevance and make your email marketing more effective by sending out triggered emails. Table of Contents What are triggered emails? Why should you send triggered emails? […]

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How to Solve the Costliest UX Web Design Friction Points

Identifying and fixing user journey pain points – that’s the job of a UX web designer. Ideally, they should even prevent these pain points (AKA problems in the customer experience) across a website.  You’ve probably encountered another term by now: “usability.” Pain points include usability issues as well. Usability refers to the ease of access […]

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Best Web Analytics Software 2021: Mouseflow Chosen by GetApp, Capterra (Gartner)

Mouseflow Named as GetApp Category Leader & to Capterra Shortlist for Web Analytics Software in 2021 [Copenhagen | June 22, 2021] — Mouseflow announces its selection as Category Leader for Web Analytics Software and on the 2021 Web Analytics Software Shortlist by GetApp and Capterra, respectively, both Gartner companies. GetApp’s Category Leaders support software-savvy stakeholders […]

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