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How to Tie ROI to Marketing With Mouseflow

In the past, companies would run ads in newspapers and on billboards while trying to measure revenue via phone calls and mentions. With digital marketing, we no longer have to guess or assume because we have real information and data points to know what works.

By collecting information with tools like Mouseflow, you can grow and scale your revenue without having to guess or make assumptions. This makes it easier to be successful whether you're a newcomer or an industry veteran to online marketing.

So, let's talk about a few ways to do this through Affiliate/Influencer Marketing and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising.

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9 Techniques for Writing Headlines that Convert - Part 3 of 9

This is part 3 of 9 in our series: 9 Proven Techniques for Writing Headlines that Convert.

This is a technique popularized by Dan Kennedy. The rationale behind it is that people buy things for a few reasons but are always persuaded by "hidden benefits".

In most headlines, articulating a hidden benefit can lead to a higher conversion rate because everyone else in the market states the obvious - you will be unique.

This allows you to form a bond with the prospect because the two of you now share an insider secret.

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9 Techniques for Writing Headlines that Convert - Part 2 of 9

This is part 2 of 9 in our series: 9 Proven Techniques for Writing Headlines that Convert.

The "Four U's Technique" is perhaps the most cited but least used (in practice) method. In this method, you simply come up with a statement that meets the following criteria:

  • Ultra-Specific
  • Useful
  • Urgent
  • Unique

If you search for landing page headlines, online/print ads, odds are that you won't find one that has all four elements.

Yes, having all of these elements imposes constraints. In many ways, it is like the perfect weight loss or financial plan that's hard to follow.

But, when it works, it really works. We tested it on our own pages and pulled successful examples from the web.

Let's take a closer look.

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9 Techniques for Writing Headlines that Convert - Part 1 of 9

This is part 1 of 9 in our series: 9 Proven Techniques for Writing Headlines that Convert.

John Caples, the famous copywriter, once said: "The headline is the most important part of an ad". If he were alive today, he would argue that it's also the most important part of a landing page.

You keep hearing stories where a simple headline change (and nothing else) results in a significant conversion lift.

In one test John conducted, the winning headline outperformed the control by a factor of 19x. Yes, that means N-I-N-E-T-E-E-N times more revenue!

And, keep in mind, the losing headline wasn't one contrived to prove his point. It was a real headline written by a professional copywriter that performed well enough to be considered a control. But, clearly, something else is at work. Read on to uncover the secret...

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See your most frustrated users

Wouldn't it be great to measure the sentiment of your online users? Especially: the frustrated ones that spend a lot of time on your website only to wind up in a dead end (or a dead link).

At Mouseflow, we spent the last 6 years helping website owners analyze their users' online behavior. And, we discovered a behavioral pattern that can be used to find really frustrated users. Have you ever felt like this when using a website?

Click Rage

If you want to avoid having users like that on your website, read on.

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Introducing JavaScript Error Tracking

We've all been in that situation. You've spent a long time shopping for the right products. When you try to check out, you click the Next button and ...nothing happens. You click a few more times, but the button is dead. You go back, frantically clicking other buttons, but nothing works. Frustrated, you search for the products elsewhere.

When a JavaScript error happens on a website, it's a showstopper. The error isn't directly visible for the average user, so not much happens. The sale is lost, and what's worse: trust is lost.

Read on if you'd like to fix this.

Click Error

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New Promo Site, Plans and Tons of Features

It's a special day at Mouseflow! We're launching a brand new promo site, improved plans, and tons of new features. It's a great time to use Mouseflow, too.

If I look back, it's mind-boggling to see how much has changed. A year ago, we had a sub-optimal interface which lacked many of the core features we have today. In August, we launched a new look-and-feel and, over the next few months, added Funnels, Form Analytics and Live Segmenting/Filtering.

We've received tons of great feedback from our customers. Our customer count grew from 40,000 to more than 60,000, too. Best of all, we're not done yet. Read on.

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Live Form Analytics is here!

Optimizing the forms on your website is one of the most important aspects of conversion rate optimization (CRO). You'll want to make sure that you get enough data from your users, but on the other hand you don't want a large number of input fields that may deter users. But how to find the right balance?

We are very excited to announce that Form Analytics is here! It's the moment you've been waiting for. Let's take a closer look.

Form Analytics

Mouseflow lets you study conversion and drop rates on a per-field basis. Are users dropping out of the form when asked for their phone number? Or is it hard to understand what "VAT NO" means? Form Analytics will give you the answers to all that, but wait, there's more.

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Mouseflow & Optimizely Webinar

We had an excellent webinar last Tuesday with Optimizely. Trent Scott from Mouseflow and Fabian Liebig from Optimizely walked you through the vital steps needed to optimize your website for conversions. You learned how to define goals, determine optimization points, set up A/B test variants, analyze the result data with heatmaps, and take action.

Don't worry - if you didn't make the webinar, it's all recorded for you here:

Let us know your thoughts! If you don’t already have a Mouseflow account, sign upsign up for one today.

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Feature Update - Auto-Masking, Auto-Tagging, Dynamic Menus, Reports & More!

Our team has been hard at work. Mouseflow is better than ever!

Did you ever wonder if you could watch sessions that came from your mailout campaign? How about auto-masking payment details automatically so you're absolutely sure you don't track sensitive data? Or how about tagging sessions while watching them?

You're in luck because we just launched all those features, and a few more. Here’s a sneak peak of our new features.

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