Fintech Analytics

Create a loyalty-driving experience

Simple and intuitive leads to repeat customers and loyalty. Automatically identify where your clients, partners, and customers struggle to convert.

Growth hungry, CX-forward companies rely on Mouseflow

Better website experiences mean more conversions (and more money for your wallet)

Traffic sources
Max out your marketing ROI
Visualize the true impact of your advertising spend. Learn how your customers interact with your site depending on what source, campaign, ad group and/or keyword they came from.
Home pages
Play all user recordings
Improve your conversions from the get go.
Observe actual recordings and behavior trend visualizations to develop the ultimate homepage.
Product pages
Fix crucial drop-offs with certainty
Connect customer journey needs with gaps in your website content to provide more support where users need convincing.
Find your blindspots
Improve content's effectiveness
Six types of heatmaps decode the mystery of user behavior to tell you what matters, what’s hidden, and what’s hurting.
Localization is major key
Uncover regional business insights
Geo heatmaps that visualize user behavior around the globe plus robust geo filtering identifies trends for local optimizations.
Ask your customers what they need
Find out what you're missing
Always-on and custom-triggered user feedback surveys let you easily capture valuable content ideas straight from the source.

Visualize the entire customer experience

The more you can empathize with your customers, the easier it is to win them. Mouseflow's robust behavior analytics make it easy to witness the entire customer journey firsthand so you can nudge them at every stage of the funnel.

Data, privacy, and security up to the strictest standards

Automatic Friction Scores for less time chasing bad UX

Unlimited custom dashboards and users

Cross-domain support