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Why eCommerce Managers choose Mouseflow

Complete control over campaign efficiency

With Mouseflow, you can quickly see if your campaigns are bringing quality traffic.

Identify which campaigns bring more engaged visitors.

See how others do itComplete control over campaign efficiency
Single-page applications analytics

Mouseflow can track everything that's happening in a single-page application so that you have full overview of the sales funnel.

Read more about SPAsSingle-page applications analytics
Mouseflow scales better

Keep using Mouseflow as you grow your website.

It won't cost you an arm and a leg, unlike what some competitors charge.

Check Mouseflow pricingMouseflow scales better
Track and analyze your form conversions
Track how shoppers progress through the checkout
Improve the checkout experience and increase conversions

Analyze which stages of the checkout process make them hesitate or leave. Improve their experience and help more people buy from your store.

Mouseflow supports both multi-page checkout flows and SPAs (single page applications), ensuring you capture every critical user interaction.

Check out Conversion FunnelsImprove the checkout experience and increase conversions
Track Marketing Campaigns with Mouseflow
Run effective campaigns
Improve the results of your marketing campaigns

High traffic but low conversions? With Mouseflow, you can improve the results of your marketing strategies by analyzing which campaigns bring higher quality traffic to your website.

Get higher conversion rates without spending more!

Watch real user interactions with Session Recordings Improve the results of your marketing campaigns
Visualize user behavior with Heatmaps
Visualize user behavior
Present the perfect product pages

Heatmaps give you answers to questions like: How far do my users scroll? Which content drives conversions?  Which product captures the most attention? Are my CTAs working? Are users experiencing frustrations? Where are they located from? Does the messaging engage them or driving them away?

Our 6 website heatmaps — click, scroll, attention, movement, geo, and live — help you answer these questions.

Get actionable insights with heatmapsPresent the perfect product pages
Identify user frustrations with Friction Events
Catch glitches
Identify and fix errors on your website

Get notified about technical errors that prevent your users from buying your products.

Start tracking website errorsIdentify and fix errors on your website
Case Study
How Rains improved its conversion rate by 10%
30+ integrations

Integrations with popular eCommerce platforms

Mouseflow integrates with your tech stack, including A/B testing tools, quantitative analytics, and eCommerce platforms.
Explore integrations Integrations with popular eCommerce platforms
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