ecommerce optimization checklist

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What's in the checklist?
Intuitive inventory of 250+ hacks to try split into objectives
Real-life example for each hack so you know how other successful shops have done it
Hacks to improve AOV and CLTV
Experiment tracker and ICE calculator to facilitate prioritization
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Use this checklist to
Lower your customer acquisition cost (CAC)

Don’t panic. This is expected especially nowadays where paid channels’ inventory increased cost. Let’s flip the script and use the checklist to improve your operation to improve your cost efficiencies.

Scale with proven strategies

It’s time to cross the chasm and install an optimization machine that can work for you and scale your operation and revenue. Use the checklist to justify resources and provide an experimentation roadmap that has been tested and approved by successful businesses.

Outsmart your competition

Customer experience is at the center of any successful business, but you’d be surprised at how many neglect to create a effective, end-to-end strategy that looks at your customers from every angle. Use this checklist to beat your competitors with a best-in-class online experience.