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Why CRO professionals choose Mouseflow

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Best heatmaps

Mouseflow gives you more types of heatmaps than any other solution on the market.

Our users say that our heatmaps are more precise than what some of our competitors offer.

Explore Mouseflow heatmapsBest heatmaps
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Mouseflow scales better

Keep using Mouseflow as you grow your website.

It won't cost you an arm and a leg, unlike what some competitors charge.

Check Mouseflow pricingMouseflow scales better
Full stack behavior analytics

Heatmaps & session replays.
Funnels & form analytics.
Friction score & feedback surveys.

Mouseflow offers all of it on every tier.

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Mouseflow for partners

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Improve stakeholder relations
Manage stakeholders with convincing evidence

Use visual data from heatmaps and conversion funnels to convince stakeholders.

Nothing convinces stakeholders better than video demonstration of users failing epically on your website” – Matt Scaysbrook, Director of Optimization at WeTeachCRO, Mouseflow partner

Simplify stakeholder relationsManage stakeholders with convincing evidence
A screen of a jewellery online shop with click heatmap insights such as amount of clicks on a button, click-rage and click-errors detected.
Analyze experiment results
Learn more from experiments

Numbers tell you if your experiment was conclusive and successful, and behavior analytics tells you why.

Analyze heatmaps to see if users behave the way you hypothesized, and dive into session recordings for granular details.

Get actionable insightsLearn more from experiments
Plan experiments
Run better informed tests with higher impact

Combine quantitative analytics with behavior data and user feedback to craft better data-informed hypotheses.

Get more dataRun better informed tests with higher impact
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Catch glitches
Test your variation on different devices

Use session recordings as a quality assurance tool.
Watch user sessions recorded on different browsers and different devices to make sure users get the intended experience in both control and variation versions of your experiment.

Ensure your variations' qualityTest your variation on different devices
Case Study
How Cotopaxi uses Mouseflow to build website experimentation roadmaps
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