Healthcare UX & Website analytics

Better patient experiences start with high-performing websites

Find and fix friction on your healthcare website and make appointment booking painless - and private.

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Analyze and optimize every touchpoint of your healthcare website, securely.

Traffic sources
Understand your audience
Find out if you're serving the right content to the right visitors to optimize advertising spend and get patients the info they need efficiently.
Home, landing & service pages
Make it easy to find care
Review heatmaps, user session replays, custom funnels, and automatic tags to see if your website’s navigation makes sense to your patients.
Create a painless experience
Troubleshoot UX errors
Automatic Friction Scores and tags for rage clicks, form errors, and more help you quickly identify where your patients are struggling.
Streamline bookings
Improve online scheduling
Monitor conversion funnels and form experiences with granular precision to debug and facilitate your patients' booking process.
HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA compliant
Protect patient privacy
IP anonymization, PII exclusion, custom privacy settings, and more allow for immersive UX analysis without risking crucial healthcare privacies.
Patient retention
Collect healthcare feedback
Learn your customers’ needs, gather NPS scores, and engage users at key moments to improve every aspect of the patient’s website experience.
Data protection

Better healthcare UX, fewer frustrated patients

We take data security seriously and always have you covered. Not only are Mouseflow data centers fully HIPAA compliant, they carry ISO27001, SOC 1 Type II, and PCI certification.

For our healthcare enterprise customers, we also provide BAAs and direct access to our legal team.

PII exclusion and other privacy features for HIPAA compliance

Global data, privacy, and security compliance

US and EU data centers

Cross-domain support


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